Fishing License Costs and Regulations

Licenses Resident Nonresident Nonresident Alien Nonresident Military
1-day sport fishing licence N/A $20 $20 N/A
3-day sport fishing licence N/A $35 $35 N/A
7-day sport fishing licence N/A $55 $55 N/A
14-day sport fishing licence N/A $80 $80 N/A
Annual sport fishing licence $24 $145 $145 $24

Fish breed/type Size restrictions Daily limit
King Salmon 28 inches or greater:
20 inches to 27.99 inches:
Less than 20 inches:
All other Salmon No size restrictions 5
Arctic Char
Dolly Varden
Lake Trout
No size restrictions
2 in any combination.
Applies to lake fishing specifically.
Arctic Char
Dolly Varden
Lake Trout
20 inches or greater:
Less than 20 inches:
10, of which 2 can be Lake Trout.
Applies to river fishing specifically
Rainbow Trout Greater than 20 inches:
Less than 20 inches.
Arctic grayling No size restrictions 5
Sheefish No size restrictions 10
Burbot No size restrictions 15
Halibut No size restrictions
limit 4 in possession
All other fish No size restrictions No daily limits

Additional Legal Shenanigans
An Alaska sport fishing license is required for all nonresidents 16 and over, and most residents from 16 to 59, to fish in all Alaskan fresh and salt waters.
Anyone under the age of 16 is not required to have a sport fishing license.
Sport fishing license and King Salmon harvest stamps may be purchased from a licence vendor by mail from:
ADF&G, Licensing Section
1255 W. 8th Street
P.O. Box 115525
Juneau, AK 99811-5525
907-465-2376 or online at
Alaska residents age 60 or alder are not reuqired to purchase a sport fishing license, but must apply for an ADF&G permananet identification card (PID) which is a lifetime hunting, fishing and trapping licnese. Alaska redident disable ventrals (50% or greater) may apply for a lifetime hunting and fishing license (DAV). Application forms are availible at ADF&G offices, same as listed above.
Your fishing license or PID card must be in your possession while you are sport fishing, personal use fishing or clam digging
In accordance with regluations, a sport fishing license permits you to take or attempt to take any finfish or shellfish in fresh or salt waters, except anadromous (sea-run) King Salmon, which also requires a King Salmon stamp
All persons engaged in sport fishing or in possession of finfish or shellfish must show their sport fishing licnse/PID card, harvest record
A lost sport fishing license may be replaced for a small fee at any license vendor. A lost PID card may be replaced for free at any ADF&G office.
No person may alter, loan or transfer to any other person any sport fishing license issued to him/her; and no person may use any license issued to another person.
Licenses, stamps and tags are non-refundable.